Helping B2B IT Serivce Providers Acquire Clients

My name is Kieran and I help B2B IT Service Providers, MSPs and IT Consultancies acquire new clients using a proven digital sales process.  


Kieran is happy to offer a one-on-one session to learn more about your own situation. Please book your first 30 min for free here.

Our Services

Comprehensive Sales Support using Proven, Tried-and-Tested Systems. 


Free up your time from cumbersome sales activities and focus on doing what you love; working on projects and delivering exceptional results for your clients. Well help you to setup up a sophisticated client acquisition system and perform sales and marketing activities in the early sales of the sales cycle to help you generate interest and appointments with your ideal client.


No more sending 'dumb' emails or LinkedIn instant messages about "this is what we do" and "here's what we offer". After we get a crystal clear picture of your customer and their challenges, we'll help you to craft powerful messaging for your campaigns. The kind of messaging that raises the hairs on your clients neck and makes them want to connect and with you and schedule an appointment with you.  


We'll agree on specific monthly targets for client acquisition and then reverse engineer these monthly targets into daily actions that we will be executing on your behalf. During this process, we will schedule weekly meetings where we'll review metrics at each stage of the sales process and iterate accordingly for maximium results. 


Everyone deserves to reap the massive financial benefits that come from using the High Ticket Lead Generation Sale Engine—no matter how challenging you current financial situation is. At montly pricing, not only is this program the deal of the century but it’s also affordable to everyone.  

Our Clients Achieve the Following Results

✔️Shorter Sales Cycles & Lower Cost of Client Acquisition. ✔️Ability to Acquire Clients Predictably & On-Demand. ✔️Focus Less Time on Cumbersome Sales Activities. ✔️Spent More Time on Projects & on Delivering Exceptional Results to Clients. ✔️Focus on 'Higher Value' Sales Activities like Introducing the Company, Issuing Project Estimates and Securing Contacts. 


"Great to work with Kieran! He really helped us to put together a strategy and implement a system to allow us to cost effectively get a flow new clients for our IT services business."

- Oleg Surogin, Benuevo Software

About Kieran Moloney  

Kieran Moloney is an IT Consultant and Entrepreneur who has extensive experience working for and consulting with a some of the leading Technology, AdTech and Financial Services companies in Boston, Zurich, London and Dublin.  

Over the years of working with leading tech & finance companies (SAP, UBS, CS, QC) and Kieran gained a unique insight into the decision making process knowing exactly what it takes to get a deal over the line. Many people believe that it's simply solving a problem - that's true, it's important - but also will make a decision based on what makes them look good and what does not jeopardize there career. There's saying that we used to have "nobody ever got fired for buying Cisco" and it's these types of things that are driving decisions.  

Kieran thrives on helping small IT services providers, MSPs and IT consultancies secure high-ticket contracts and long-term engagements with established enterprises.  

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