I Help B2B IT Service Providers Acquire Clients

My name is Kieran and I help Software Solution Providers, MSPs and IT Consultancies acquire new clients using a proven digital sales process.  


How I Can Help You 


We acknowledge and have empathy for the time constraints of business owners and founders. It is for this reason why we provide a 'done-for-you' service whereby we manage the entire client acquisition process for you from end-to-end so that you can get back to doing what you love doing; working on projects and delivering exceptional results for your clients.  


No more sending 'dumb' cold outreach messages about "this is what we do" and "here's what we have to offer". After we get a crystal clear picture of your customer and their challenges, we'll help you to craft powerful copy-written messaging for your campaigns. The kind of messaging that raises the hairs on your clients neck and makes them want to connect with and schedule an appointment with you. 


We've worked with literally hundreds of IT service providers selling everything from custom software to managed IT services and we are at the fore-front of B2B IT marketing and lead generation. As a result, we know exactly what your need to do in your industry to attract customers who need your specialist technology services.


Everyone deserves to reap the massive financial benefits of our process. With our pricing aimed at small to medium sized businesses, not only does this make it affordable for businesses of any size, it also helps you to realize a greater return-on-investment from your marketing spend. 

Scaling The Worlds Fastest Growing Small to Medium Sized B2B IT Services Companies Using Proven B2B IT Growth Strategies


What You Can Expect From Working With Me

✔️ Ability to Acquire Clients Predictably & On-Demand.

✔️ Shorter Sales Cycles & Lower Cost of Acquisition.

✔️ Spend more time Delivering Exceptional Results to Clients and Less Time on Tedious Marketing Activities.  

✔️ Focus on Higher Value Sales Activities like; negotiating terms, issueing project estimates and securing contacts.  


Grow a Wildly Profitable IT Services Business

Acquire new clients predictably and on-demand, secure bigger contracts with longer engagements through a proven client acquisition system.


"We have never seen the number of leads coming in per day that we have now before working with Moloney Consulting. Another metric is the ROI, which at this rate we are expecting to be at least two times our original investment."

Tin Ho - Founder & Owner at Lean Start Lab

Meet Kieran Moloney

Kieran Moloney is a B2B IT marketing and lead generation expert. His goal with every client he works with is to help them to open new sales conversations with business owners who need their IT services and to ultimately secure new clients and contracts allowing them to grow their business.  

Kieran has a deep domain knowledge in all things software and infrastructure. He has held various IT and consulting roles within leading software, banking and advertising organizations around the world (SAP, Credit Suisse, UBS, Quantcast). This allows him to understand your business right from the start and help you to craft a compelling offer to best resonate with your target customer.  

Kieran will help you put in place a proven process for not just attracting new customers who need the services that you provide, but also scalable systems to grow your business to the seven and eight figure levels. Kieran has interacted with and served hundreds of small to medium sized IT services businesses and know what works and doesn’t work when it comes to B2B marketing and lead generation. He is at the forefront of B2B IT marketing space and knows exactly what will work to help you acquire new clients and grow your business.  

What People Are Saying

3 Days - 24 "Super Targeted" Leads - x1 New Client Signed.

Founder and CEO Dr. Alex Louizos of ManXmachina

Alex Louizos of ManXmachina, a leading A.I and machine learning talent solution provider in the United States, was struggling to attract new customers into his business and drive net new sales growth.

He was great went he got a potential customer one-on-one however, he did not know effective strategies and tactics to get new customers into his business and scale to a global audience.

We worked with Alex one on one to understand his business, position his services and then, put in place tailored digital strategies to allow him to secure sufficient sales appointments with his ideal customers to allow him to fill his sales pipeline and drive meaningful revenue growth.

After a short 3 days of running Alex's campaign, we helped him to get his message in front of thousands of his ideal customer all across North America and generate 24 "Super Targeted" highly qualified sales leads.

Alex now has a predictable system in his business that allows him to turn his ideal customer, outside of his network, into a one to one sales conversation - a great position to be in and something that will facilitate his scale on a global stage.

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"Their experience working in the IT industry makes them a valuable partner, along with their strong communication skills." 

Mike Ortner, CEO at North Two Five Software

"Great to work with Kieran! He helped to implement a system to allow us to get a flow new clients for our custom software business."

Oleg Surogin, CEO at Benuevo Software

"Very good understanding of our needs and our key messages. They're very well-prepared, deliver results, and have a clear understanding of further steps."

Armin Haller, CEO at RocketLab

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Acquire new clients predictably and on-demand, secure bigger contracts with longer engagements through a proven client acquisition system.