Kieran's Story

It all started a few years ago... straight after graduating university the entrepreneurial flame took over side me and started my own mobile and website development company. This was it. My first serious, full-time business. A chance to finally do what I really wanted to pursue. With my initial plan to create a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business where people could sign-up anywhere in the world, I soon realised the engineering and user adoption challenges that come with developing a SaaS-based business and as a result, my business eventually evolved into a 'done-for-you' software development agency where I was designing and developing mobile applications and websites for businesses in my locality. 

 Despite the significant change in my business model, I was still pleased that I had paying clients who were enthusiastic about the creative and novel software that I was providing for them - arguably one of the best feelings a product developer can experience!  

But it wasn't all plain sailing...  

I, like many other IT services businesses (maybe yours too?), struggled to attract customers consistently every month.  

Like a roller coaster ride, I would have a wave of clients and revenue one month, followed by long periods of inactivity where I would have little income to fund my own life. After getting a prospect who was interested in what I had to offer, I was so desperate for their business that I would ultimately accept any low-ball offer, barely enough to justify cover my costs.  

To add to this, I had no bargaining power. To keep revenue coming in the door and my business afloat, I would accept almost any requirements or terms a client would throw in front of me. I was afterall desperate for new business and potential customers could sense this and use it to their advantage, increasing the scope of the project and reducing the contract size - a bad position for any services company to be in.  

Professionally, it was the worst year of my life. I was working so hard that I isolated and alienated myself off from my close family and life-long friends. In the end, I threw in the towel. I was completely dejected and my confidence was at an all time low. I took a basic IT job in an Ad Tech company to try and get my life back on track and to rekindle some of my relationships and enjoy some of the hobbies I love to pursue.  

As hard as that period was, I did something great for me. It put me in a state of deep reflection.  

I asked myself some hard questions like: “Why did my business fail?” “Why do other business who provide a fraction of the value I provide succeed and even thrive?” “What was the one thing if I did differently would have been the difference between success and failure?”  

I needed to get answers…  

During my break from the entrepreneurial world, I was committed to understanding what went wrong with my business and dedicate myself to ensure that it never happened again. I read over one hundred of the best selling books on sales, marketing, branding, copywriting, psychology - you name it. I sought expert mentorship and I paid for tons of online courses and programmes too.  

Looking back, I did a lot of things wrong but the main thing that prevented my business from growing and is still to this day, preventing thousands of IT services provider around the world from growing their business, is their inability to consistently and efficiently attract a steady stream of new potential customers into their business who have a need for their specialist IT services, whether it be custom software, managed services or technical consulting.  

You see great lead flow does something incredible for your business. It allows you to pick and choose the best clients to work and brush-off the clients who do not value what you offer and pay pittance for your services. A knock-on effect of clients lining up outside of your door wanting to do business with you is that it re-adjusts your positioning from someone who is perceived as desperate for business to someone who is selective and only picks and chooses the highest ticket contracts to work on. With the additional growth from taking better contracts on favorable terms, you can hire more staff and outsource cumbersome activities thus freeing up your time to focus on higher-yield activities like delivering exceptional results for clients and spending more time interacting with new clients. And so the snowball compound and flywheel gains momentum…  

With my new found knowledge and skills I have been able to secure contracts with some of leading Software, AdTech and Financial Services companies around the world. I now serve other IT consultancies and service providers to show them how they can secure a continuous stream of high-ticket clients who have a need for their unique technology services using my methods.  

Looking back to when I started my first business, I wish I had someone who could show me the way and by that I mean someone who had “been there and done that” who could look at my situation and show me exactly what I need to do to secure some quality clients so that I could actually have a lucrative business instead of something that returned the equivalent of a part time job and left me complete stress-out and isolated. The reality is that many IT service providers are very good at what they do, however, they are not good at marketing their services and efficiently attracting new customers into their businesses who need their services. The problem that people face with generating clients is they rely on inefficient ‘old school’ marketing strategies like networking, word-of-mouth and other forms of outdated marketing - if you can call it that. So if want to get new clients for your IT services business then the next step is for you is to setup a call me. During this call, I'm just going to ask you a few questions about your business and how it is currently performing, what your goals are and how you think a systematic client acquisition process will help you. You and I will work on a strategy plan to get you started so that you can get your first clients. Good luck and I look forward to talking to you. - Kieran  

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